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Cardigans detest tedium. So I go to great lengths to keep my dogs busy. Apart from letting them have a romp in the yard and taking them on long walks in the woods I regularly take them on hiking trips of several days, covering 15 miles a day easily.

My Cardigans are aces in obedience training. They successfully compete at high level obedience trials and have also mastered the art of flyball. The dogs are very eager to learn and have an enormous “will to please”, without being submissive. They train and perform with great pleasure. My motto is: don’t mind your dog making a mistake, reward generously when he shows the desired response, bring some fun and variety to your training sessions, and above all have loads of patience!

Vrouwtje Sprokkel van ’t Hoge Vondel
(† 28-03-2011) 
Mamma Mia van de Milligenhof
(† 10-05-2023) 
Uncourtly “Jutter”
(† 28-10-2019)
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