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Breed information

An old legend about the Cardigan tells that fairies kept these short-legged dogs as mounts and draught animals for their carriages. The Welsh Corgi Cardigan originates from the Cardiganshire county in Wales.

The Cardigan was bred to herd cattle. Cardigans move the cattle by biting the heels of the cattle while barking loudly. Because they are short-legged they are able to avoid the backward kicks of the cattle.
The Welsh Corgi Cardigan is an alert, intelligent, and active dog. He is a true shepherd dog that will flinch at nothing. He is eager to learn, attentive, and happy to work for his owner. He has a spirited temperament that takes a consistent and fair hand from his owner. It is advisable to keep your Cardigan occupied, for example by participating in various kinds of dog training classes or even herding. Do not underestimate his temperament! 

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