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When my eldest dog passed away I went in search of a different breed. I preferred a dog with character of a more convenient size and found the Welsh Corgi Cardigan.

Officially appointed by the Dutch Kennel Club ‘Raad van Beheer’ as canine instructor I joined the instructors team of the local dog-training club, the Apeldoorn Kennel Club. I have acted as a certified obedience instructor for several years now.

Out of interest I followed advanced cynology courses that are part of the education of show judges in The Netherlands and attract many breeders too. Since I was totally charmed by the Welsh Corgi Cardigan it didn’t take long to decide I wanted to breed them.

The Milligenhof Cardigans are lovingly kept, trained and shown and breeded with careful selection. On the following pages, I would like to introduce them to you.  

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