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Working dog and foundation bitch Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia van de Milligenhof   (* 08-04-2009 † 10-05-2023)
Mia is my first own-bred bitch. She was born on April 8th 2009, the sire being CH. Courtly Brindle Lord Vaka Bangsi NJK ’06 and the dam being Welshclan’s Vrouwe Valouwe NJK ’07. Unfortunately, she is no longer with us, but we remember her fondly.

She had a very stable and outgoing temperament. Furthermore Mia showed excellent working spirit. At a very young age she gained her ‘G&G Beginners’ and ‘G&G 1’ awards (these are classes in Dutch style obedience). She was also one of the youngest qualifiers for the Dutch Obedience Championships, both in Dutch style obedience and in UK style obedience. And last but not least, she made an excellent impression in the show ring. In 2012 Mia became Dutch Champion and has also been awarded as WCCN Best bitch of the year. Thanks to Gosse Smid and Jannemieke Termeer where Mia has lived like a princess.

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