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Bitch Rylee

Summer Sofie van de Milligenhof   (Rylee)
Rylee was born on June 1, 2020 out of Kim Kardesh van de Milligenhof (Mayla) and Clovertails I walk the line (Spencer). The ECVO test has shown that Rylee is free of all hereditary eye abnormalities and she is free from Degenerative myelopathy (DM). In respect to Hip Dysplasia (HD), Rylee has been tested as having HD-C.

Like her grandmother Xara, Rylee is a cheerful and energetic dog. Known as the "happy face" of the family, she is always up for games such as racing through the woods and playing tag around the trees. Rylee lives together with Xara at Karin and Esther van Pomeren-Kers.

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