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Bitch Rosie

Jentle Jilz van de Milligenhof   (Rosie)
Rosie was born on April 27th 2016 from a litter by Femme Fatale van de Milligenhof (Fenna) x Lux. JK /Benelux JW / DE Champ./ Lux. Champ. Atlas Gratia Superis. The Ecvotest has shown that Rosie is free of all hereditary eye diseases. She is genetically free of DM and her hip dysplasia screening resulted in a grading of HD-C.

Just like her mother she has a very friendly nature. “Happy and feeling free”, that’s Rosie. A day not played is a day not lived. Thanks to Monique and Bert Schoonen for letting Rosie, with her fluffy coat, be such a special contribution to the Milligenhof kennels.

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