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Bitch Ratna

Red Ratna du Mont des Croisettes   (Ratna)
Ratna was born in France on February 15, 2020 out of Shepados Hot & Spicy and Jimmy Jixx van de Milligenhof (James). The Ecvotest has shown that Ratna is free from all hereditary eye abnormalities. She is also free from Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and in respect to Hip Dysplasia (HD), Ratna has been tested as having HD-B.

Ratna is a gentle and affectionate family dog. In addition, she is a real showgirl. Not only was she reserve best bitch at the NWCC club match and later declared best bitch of the year 2021, she has also been qualified to compete in Crufts 2022. I'm very proud I've been able to welcome her into my kennel.

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