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Bitch Noor

Sweet Stella van de Milligenhof   (Noor)
Noor was born on June 1, 2020 out of Kim Kardesh van de Milligenhof (Mayla) and Clovertails I walk the line (Spencer). The ECVO test has shown that Noor is free from all hereditary eye abnormalities and she is free from Degenerative myelopathy (DM). In respect to Hip Dysplasia (HD), Noor has been tested as having HD-C.

Like her mother she is a well-balanced, happy end sweet loving dog. She loves to lie on ‘her’ new couch from where she has the best view of the kitchen where all the ‘Magic' happens. Noor lives in the beautiful environment of Drenthe with her mothers, Mayla and Tea. However this little princess loves a good bit of mud, she also enjoy to interfere with the horses but especially with Pip!

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