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Bitch Mayla

Kim Kardesh van de Milligenhof   (Mayla)
Mayla was born on May 22, 2017 out of Dee Dee Djem van de Milligenhof (Xara) and Waggerland Queue behind me (Gawin). The ECVO test has shown that Mayla is free from all hereditary eye abnormalities. Myla carries the Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) gene and in respect to Hip Dysplasia (HD), she has been tested as having HD-A.

Mayla is a well-balanced, affectionate dog and a wonderful mother! She likes to jump out of bed for her favourite toy, chicken steak or a lovely walk through the beautiful evironment of Drenthe. Mayla lives with her biggest fan, Tea Meertens.

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