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Bitch Jessie

Lilly Lollypop van de Milligenhof   (Jessie)
Jessie was born on June 16th 2017 from a litter by Femme Fatale van de Milligenhof (Fenna) x Floatin’ Monarch of Morse (Monty). The Ecvotest has shown that Jessie is free of all hereditary eye diseases. She is genetically free of DM and her hip dysplasia screening resulted in a grading of HD-A.

Just like her mother she has a very friendly nature. Jessie is a real Diva and she knows what she wants. With her dark brown eyes she knows how to get her way. She likes to play stupid but she is the smartest of all. Jessie lives with her biggest fan, Monique Schoonen.

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