Tekstvak: On the 25th of February 2016, with a pregnancy of 57 days, 
our Kiki Keen suddenly died along with all her beautiful puppies. 

No words only intense grief.
We had so many plans together.
You were a fantastic mother and always was so great with your puppies.
You were my swimming champ and loved to come as dirty as possible out of the forest.
You were always by my side, I can't describe how much I miss you.
You were the biggest girl friends with your sister Lizzy and Xara is your mirror image.
In my head I still see your pregnant belly... you looked at me, calmly lay your head down and so all of a sudden you were gone. 
In disbelief and intense sad I was sitting beside you but couldn't do anything for you and your puppies anymore.
For which I’m so sorry…
Forever in my heart you live on in your children.
I'm speechless my sweetheart...

Necrology I-nest


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